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Independent Pre-University College
Kengeri Satellite Town, Bangalore

Discipline and Conduct

Role of Class Teachers

Each class will be under the personal care of two lecturers. They will be serving as academic parent's for that entire class. They will maintain details of Regularity, Discipline and Academic progress besides keeping in touch with the parent of all students.


  • A high sense of Discipline, Decency and Dignity is expected from the students.
  • Any act which affects the discipline of the institution such as damaging to the Trust property by any student and misbehaving with the authorities of the Institution or Trust will be viewed very seriously.
  • The authorities are empowered to impose fine or take such other steps as they think fit in maintaining moral code of conduct and discipline of students in the institution.
  • Students are requested to keep the campus clean and neat. Care should be taken in preserving furniture and property of the Institution in good condition.
  • Students should not move about in the premises when they have no work. They may go to the reading room or reference section of the library or remain in their class rooms and spend their time usefully.
  • It is normal courtesy for students to greet the staff when they meet for the first time in the day.
  • A student who desires to meet the Head of the Institution or Honorary General Secretary of the Trust must send his/her name and mention the purpose and the class to which he/she belongs.
A Word Of Caution

The students should see the Notice Board of the Institution regularly for announcements regarding class Tests, Terminal examinations, Special classes, Functions, Award of Scholarships, Attendance, Sports, N.C.C. Activities, etc. Failure to do so cannot be an excuse for loss of any benefit.

Parents To Note

The parents/guardians are requested to make frequent visits to the Institution and enquire about the progress and attendance of their wards. Any representation from the students/parents/guardians regarding shortage of attendance at the end of the academic year will not be entertained.

Parents/Guardian should participate in Parent-Teacher meeting held twice in a year.

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